Sun Louvres

Sun louvres are an aesthetically pleasing method of eliminating direct sun rays from entering a building, without impeding the flow of air, and still maintaining a natural light source. They also provide an attractive feature to the facade of a building, and in some cases are used purely for aesthetic purposes, or to create more privacy.

By intercepting sunlight before it strikes window glass, our sun louvre systems dramatically reduce heat gain within a room and, at the same time eliminates sun glare. This can play a significant part in reducing the amount of electricity used to cool a building.

In addition to running across the face of the building to provide protection from the sun, the louvre blades can be used to create a hood or sides to provide protection from other directions.

Fitted to an aluminium sub-structure which is mounted onto the surface of a building or attached to structural members from above, the stringers provide a secure means of attachment for the louvre blades (which if damaged can be replaced by hand). There are various  stringers to choose from, depending on the application and requirement of each installation.


  • Designed and engineered to compliment today’s architectural styles.
  • Adds aesthetic value of your home or building.
  • Custom solutions can be designed for your application.
  • Sun Louvres are totally fixed – there are no moving parts or operating system.
  • Available in a wide range of standard powder coated colours.
  • The SL 84C series louvre blades are manufactured from light gauge aluminium suitable for exterior application.
  • The S2 stringer has a sun cut-off angle of 23°30′ and an external frame which is normally highlighted and used as a feature on the facade.
  • The S4 stringer has a sun cut-off angle of 21°30″ and an internal frame – used to eliminate greater amounts of direct sunlight than the other stringers.
  • The S5 stringer has a sun cut-off angle of 23°30′ and an internal frame allowing a smooth unbroken external facade.