Cladding & Composite Panels

Our versatile façade cladding systems add design sophistication to your buildings, enhancing them with a modern, lightweight and low maintenance envelope.

Cladding systems have fast become on of the most popular ways to accentuate the facade of any modern commercial structure. They offer the architect or designer a multitude of design options, whilst delivering on key functional benefits.

Cladding essentially protect the exterior and the frame of the building, and are also used extensively as an interior finish in commercial or public buildings.

Besides the protection a cladding system has to offer, it also increase the aesthetic appeal of a building . With the many sizes and finishes to choose from, cladding systems are a logical choice to enhancing the interior and exterior look of your building.


Features and Benefits

  • Enhancing the appearance of the building
  • Protecting the structural surfaces of the building from the effects of weathering
  • Insulates against heat loss, thus Optimising the energy efficiency of the building
  • Fully concealed fixing
  • Rear ventilation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Non-combustible materials
  • Resistance to industrial pollution
  • Durable and relatively maintenance-free finish
  • Good sound insulator, used for noise suppression
  • Good vibration dampener
  • Has a very high UV value


The two principle types of facade cladding are Panel Cladding and Aluminium Composite Panels. And One of our most popular cladding solutions is the Hunter Douglas 150F and 200F Facade systems – see below.

Panel Cladding

Panel Cladding is a lightweight, enamelled finish and water-tight interlocking system. The panel components are the 150 and 200mm wide interlocking panels which are supported on stringers. Together with various corners, joints and accessories, the 150 and 200F Systems can form closed facades, fascias and soffits in a wide range of colours.

Aluminium Composite Panels

Composite Panels are lightweight, rigid and versatile. They will add a low maintenance, UV stable and waterproof finish to any building.

Cladding of circular columns, steel and concrete structures is made easy as the panels can be cut, rolled, perforated, folded, punched and drilled.

Composite panels consist of two sheets of aluminium bonded to a fire retardant core. The panel is available in a wide range of standard metallic and non-metallic PVDF paint finishes. All Pantone colours can be matched in a variety of panel sizes to suit specific contract requirements (subject to a minimum order quantity.)

150F & 200F Façade by Hunter Douglas Architectural

The Hunter Douglas 150F/200F Façade System consists of 150 mm and 200 mm wide roll formed panels with a small buttjoint. The panels are coil-coated with the Hunter Douglas’ UV and scratch resistant Luxacote® finish.

The aluminium panels are made to measure and can be supplied in any length from 800 up to 6000 mm. They are recyclable, lightweight and strong.

The panels can be mounted with clamps, which allows for an installation with a mixture of panel widths and curved installations, or on a stringer for fast and parallel installation. The total system has been tested for weather and wind resistance.

For more information on cladding and composite panels, costing, and how best to incorporate them in your building project, get in touch with our sales team today.

Form, Function and Aesthetic Appeal

Expertly installed modern architectural glass and aluminium fixtures. From sun louvres and shopfronts to custom-designed facades, we deliver specialised solutions aimed at improved aesthetics, protection and comfort.

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Energy Saving Glass

Low-E and other solar control glass.

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Glass Options

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