At Pro Aluminium and Glass we offer the latest in modern frameless glass balustrading for balconies, staircases, pools and patios. For specific applications we also create custom aluminium balustrades, often with glass inserts.

Frameless glass balustrading enhances any building, whether it is a state of the art office block or a modern home, adding to the aesthetics and value of your property. They offer uninterrupted views, without compromising on safety. Many of the popular options contain no framework and no uprights, maximising on the clear view of and sheer magic of glass.

This is the ideal solution for staircases or spaces where light is limited, as it creates the illusion of modern airiness and space through its transparency and appearance of suspended glass.

Frameless balustrades can be installed internally or externally, and are affixed to building structures in a few basic ways:

  • Floor mounts,
  • Side-mounts or
  • Recessed options.

Frameless Glass Balustrades, Side Mounted

These balustrades incorporate adjustable side mount brackets, most popular in polished stainless steel. They secure the 12mm glass to create an extremely minimalist and modern feature. This option is ideal for balconies where no fixing detail is visible.

  • Custom sizes, built to spec
  • 12mm / 15mm toughened safety glass
  • Other glass options available
  • Optional Slotted handrail in round or square profiles
  • Optional Handrail through glass


Frameless Balustrades Slotted into Floor

For the cleanest, most minimal look and feel, many of our clients opt for the floor slotted option. This solution requires a recess to be created in the concrete or tile, for the glass to be slotted in before being secured by non-shrink grout and neoprene. The result: you see no clasps, brackets or uprights. You couldn’t get any more minimalist than this!

  • Custom sizes, built to spec
  • 12mm / 15mm toughened safety glass
  • Other glass options available
  • Optional Handrail solutions.


Frameless Balustrades with Floor Mounts

Totally frameless glass balustrading supported by stainless steel floor mount brackets with stainless steel cover plates. Incorporating 12mm toughened safety glass with bright polished edges

  • Custom sizes, built to spec
  • 12mm / 15mm toughened safety glass
  • Other glass options available
  • Optional Handrail solutions.


Aluminium Balustrades with Optional Glass Inserts

A good percentage of our clients still prefer aluminium balustrades, the most popular being with vertical bars. We have also designed and created custom designed balustrades with glass inserts. These are available in a wide range of aluminium colours and finishes, including natural, bronze and white powder coated aluminium. The optional glass inserts can be in a range of clear or tinted glass.

  • Sturdy and elegant Aluminium design
  • Affordable and adaptable modular construction
  • Attractive and modern
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Available in a range of colors and finishes
  • Low maintenance
  • Complies with South African building regulations


Why Toughened Safety Glass?

The standard glass used on the frameless balustrade systems is 12mm toughened glass although 15mm can be used with different applications. Toughened safety glass is ideal for bolted structural glazing and frameless applications. The maximum width per panel is 1200mm and the maximum height is 1200mm. (from the brackets upwards)

Toughened glass meets the safety glass requirements of the South African National Building Regulations and can be obtained from accredited suppliers only.

Toughened glass are up to 500% stronger than annealed glass and therefore is more resistant to thermal breakage and can withstand greater wind loads. It can break, under extreme loads or by severe impact. On breaking it fragments into many small harmless pieces unlike annealed glass, thus minimising the chance of injury.

Toughened glass is produced by heating annealed glass in a furnace to approximately 700ºC and then rapidly blowing cool air onto both surfaces. This rapid cooling process is the key element in the physical changes in annealed glass that creates toughened glass.

  • Available thickness 3 – 25mm although the frameless balustrade systems use 12mm as a standard.
  • Max deflection on standard height of 1000mm is 75mm
  • Max load of 355kg on standard panel of 1000mm x 1000mm

Regulations pertaining to balustrades

The following are AAAMSA/SAGGA recommendations for the application of safety glazing materials in balustrading. It is mandatory that any balustrade design is confirmed through testing, or is structurally designed by a competent person, structural engineer having the appropriate professional indemnity insurance for compliance with the structural requirements of SANS 10160.

A balustrade guarding the edge of any balcony, bridge, flat roof or similar place more than 1m above the adjacent ground or floor level shall not be less than 1m in height and shall not have any opening that permits the passage of a 100 mm diameter ball. These requirements also apply to any interior balcony or any mezzanine floor (SANS 10400- Part D).

Balustrading guarding a swimming pool or swimming bath shall not be less than 1,2m high measured from the ground level, and shall not contain any opening which will permit the passage of a 100 mm diameter ball (SANS 10400 – Part D).


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