Q: What is your lead time between order and installation?

A: We work on a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks from your date of order.

Q: Do you service outlying areas in Kwa Zulu Natal?

A: Yes, we cover even outlying areas in KZN. For major installation projects we also work in other provinces nationally.

Q: Can you quote off my architects plans?

A: Sure, bring them in. We’d be glad to help. We also generate quotes from window / door schedules if faxed or emailed to us.

Q: What if  I choose to install the items myself?

A: This is totally your choice, off course. Certain items are not so difficult to install if you have the necessary skills. Please note however that with certain items like folding doors, it is crucial to have them professionally installed to get the setting and alignment exactly right.

Q: Do you require a deposit on orders?

A: Yes, for projects which require manufacture and installation we require a deposit of 50% of the total amount upon acceptance of the quote, 40% upon delivery to your premises, and the final 10% upon completing the installation. For ‘supply only’ jobs, not requiring installation, we require full payment upon acceptance of the quotation before we can commence manufacture.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: Yes we do accept all major credit cards.

Q: Do you accept payment by cheque cards or debit cards?

A: Yes we do accept debit / cheque cards displaying the Visa or MasterCard symbol.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes, we do offer a payment pan, although this is not through the company itself, but through a consumer credit company – RCS. The RCS Group is an independent, financial services company that operates in Southern Africa. You can read more about their services here.