Proud To Announce: We are now ISO:9001 Certified

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As our customers have come to see, at Pro Aluminium we always strive to be the best at what we do, and to offer our customers world class service.

Continuing in this tradition of striving for excellence, we’re very proud and excited to announce that we received our ISO 9001:2008 certification in September 2014.

In fact, to date we are the only manufacturer of architectural aluminium products in South Africa to receive the SABS ISO:9001 certification.

So, what is ISO 9001?

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international body which establishes and promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards.
Specifically, the ISO 9001 certification is an international recognition given to organizations that implement a rigorous quality management system. It requires us to adhere to certain standards and procedures, and demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services which meet our customers’ requirements, and to ensure there is an ongoing focus on improvement and customer satisfaction.

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What this means to you, our customer..

This certification naturally sets us apart from the rest of the industry, but the real winners are our valued customers.  This means that you can always have total confidence that Pro Aluminium adheres to world class manufacturing practices, and management principles which ensures that we can deliver time and time again, the products and services that meet your own requirements as well as international standards.

How this has helped us improve

As we worked towards the ISO certification, we learnt that it is all about an attitude and commitment towards a complete quality system. By thinking in terms of an organisational system, as we each perform our respective functions we behave in ways that support others in the system. Everyone at Pro Aluminium is part of the ISO certification experience from management to our sales and admin staff to our manufacturers and installation teams. It is not just a manufacturing system, but a company-wide way of doing business that puts our customers’ needs at the centre of all we do. ISO certification is not a one-time event – it is just the first step in on-going continuous quality improvement.

Looking ahead ..

We are honoured to have received this level of recognition and we are committed to regular reviewing of our quality management system to continue to be at the forefront of our industry. And we look forward to hearing from you again, and to see how, with our new ISO status, we can be of greater benefit to your future architectural projects.

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